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Our cleaning services are specified to meet and provide our clients with the best and most efficient light, standard, and/or deep cleaning. Below you will be able to see in detail our cleaning services as well as additional services we offer!

Carpet Cleaning Services

We would like to announce that we are officially now providing carpet cleaning services! That’s right! After many years in housekeeping, we have now branched out into the carpet cleaning business as well!

Additional Services

We do multiple cleaning services outside of interior home cleaning, here is a list of services we would love to share with you that are a must!

  • Window Washing (Interior/Exterior)
  • Window Tracks
  • Pressure Washing Services
  • Gutter Cleaning Services



  • Trustworthy

    "The company has been with our family for 13 years! They are wonderful, on time, flexible, organized, and trustworthy. Thank you!"

    — Connie B.
  • Thorough... Efficient... Affordable

    "I have been a customer of MGS Pro Cleaning Services since 2004. The cleaning was always thorough, efficient, and affordable. In all those years they have always been punctual, reliable, and flexible regarding scheduling around holidays. As the business has expanded over the last few years, the staff they've hired have been equally honest, cheerful, and efficient. I have given MGS high recommendations to other prospective customers over the years. Clearly, we are happy with their continuing service because we are still with them after 15 years!"

    — Judy F.
    Alameda Neighborhood
  • A beautiful job

    "We have been using MGS services for going on 4 years. They have been very flexible, dependable, and do a beautiful job!"

    — Mary T.
    HOMEmakers of Oregon LLC
  • Attention to detail

    "We hired MGS to clean our home nearly a decade ago. We have been so pleased with their attention to detail, their dedication, and pride they take in their work. They have shown flexibility on the occasions when we needed to alter our schedule for holidays etc... They are responsive and prompt with all communications. Never have we had them 'no show' on us. They have always been perfectly reliable, punctual, trustworthy, and pleasant to work with!"

    — Maria & Kai F.
  • Quality of work

    "I have been using MGS for about 4 years now. I tried multiple other house cleaning companies that did not meet my expectations, which are very high, before finding MGS. I appreciate the consistency in their thorough quality of work, their punctuality, and the ability to accommodate to my schedule. I have referred them to other families and they are also very pleased. I feel confident to refer MGS to anyone!"

    — Nanette B.